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Technology Enablement

Expertise and support drive the value of your technology investments.

Commitment and expertise drive
the value of your tech

Your success is our success. With 300 IT experts in Canada and the United States, Quartech brings the skills to turn your technology into a solution. From planning and design to implementation and support, we’re here to ensure your technology serves your goals and community.

Application management

Most organizations don’t have the capacity to constantly monitor, fix, and enhance applications. Let us do it for you! We guide you through a 24/7 service delivery approach that is flexible, broad, fast, agile, and stable. That way you can focus on improving communities, not maintenance.

Cloud Enablement

Instead of hosting your business apps, software development, and data locally, we leverage cloud technology to support your projects. We adapt cloud platforms to your exact needs without losing the advantages of a scalable solution.

Process Management

The development process can be very demanding, so let us handle it for you! Our development proccess is specifically designed using Agile and DevOps best practices to ensure your projects remain streamlined and efficient.

Infrastucture Modernization

Outdated tech is slowing you down. Let us help. By modernizing your infrastructure, you’ll reduce costs, save time, and make better use of all your resources. Better tech infrastructure (and management) means better operations.

Purpose Built Tech Solutions

Our tech solutions are built with a purpose: to enable our clients to positively impact communities. For that reason, we rapidly deliver the right products for your exact needs, using Agile/DevOps automation tools and processes.

Enabling Services