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Justice & Public Safety

We use proven platforms and the data that you already have to transform public safety, improve wellness, and reinforce community trust.

Law Enforcement
VISION Early Intervention & Officer Wellness
Courts & Legal
Emergency Management
Enterprise Business Intelligence


For more than 30 years, we’ve had law enforcement’s back. We are leaders in leveraging technology to find practical solutions to complex challenges. In 2020, Quartech purchased Sierra-Cedar’s Justice practice to further expand our existing law enforcement, courts, and corrections solutions.

Our Solutions

VISION Early Intervention & Officer Wellness

VISION is a flexible, modular platform that provides a comprehensive view of an officer from all relevant data sources, which can be tailored to meet the needs of your department.

VISION Early Intervention Solution

With a focus on flexibility, accountability and transparency, VISION is the only Early Intervention System (EIS) that allows agencies to configure exactly the intervention solution they need.  Quartech understands that an EIS is not one-size-fits-all for large agencies. Departments need to leverage existing system investments and, where possible, utilize existing operational processes and data.

VISION Wellness

Quartech’s Officer Wellness modules were developed in close collaboration with clinicians and retired Command staff. VISION enables Officers to view specific operational data, complete anonymous mental health self-assessments, and access self-help-resources.  Command staff can also easily access aggregate departmental wellness trends. 


Departments and Command staff across the country acknowledged a critical need for technology to support the current police reform mandates.  The timeliness and effectiveness of reform efforts are being significantly hindered by the absence of data and information in support of reform initiatives. With Vision, departments can quickly and easily mobilize effective reform solutions.

Los Angeles Police Department
New Orleans Police Department
Oakland Police
California Department of Justice

Courts & Legal

Criminal and Civil Justice

Quartech has extensive experience working with City, County, State, and Provincial courts.  Our subject matter and technology resources, combined with our deep understanding of the business of Courts & Legal, creates a high performing team that can solve complex IT problems. Solutions include:

Integrated Justice

Quartech has been implementing standards-based integrated justice initiatives since the advent of the national standards in the early 2000s. Quartech was also an early adopter of Justice data exchange standards as they have evolved into what is now the National Information Exchange Model (NIEM).

Requests to use the NIEM standard and approach within our clients’ projects are continually increasing.  As a result, the complexity and costs associated with these types of standards-based exchanges are decreasing as data element nomenclature and definition is standardized. Our solution offers:

Emergency Management

As climate change impacts our environment, Emergency Management agencies face increased pressure to respond quickly to emerging situations. In particular, emergencies like wildfires require the ability to evacuate people from danger quickly and safely when needed. We work with you and leverage the latest technology to help provide housing, food, medication, clothing, and other necessities to families in need.



Quartech transforms how State, County, and Provincial custody and community supervision is managed.  Our experts in corrections and jail management systems provide project management, business analysis, business intelligence, and organizational readiness to help jails and correctional facilities operate more effectively, efficiently, and safely. We integrate commercial software with your systems or develop custom solutions when none exists, and:


The volume of justice and public safety information is overwhelming and often not available to all who need it. Our integrated business intelligence solutions bring together complex, multidimensional data sources into dynamic reports and real-time dashboards. Our advanced analytics are easy for anyone to understand, produce, and distribute across your agency.