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A best-in-class application that’s transforming community wildfire response

The Evacuee Registration & Assistance (ERA) application is supporting BC and First Nations communities, helping them ensure everyone is cared for during wildfires and other natural disasters.


  • Emergency Management and Climate Readiness


  • Human-Centric Design
  • End-To-End Technology Implementation
  • Real-Time Deployment Support


  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • Openshift 

Meeting Governments’ commitment to communities

In 2017, following one of the worst wildfire seasons recorded across North America, federal, provincial, and local governments committed to improving support for communities at risk. As part of this commitment, Quartech teamed with Emergency Management and Climate Readiness to design and build the Evacuee Registration & Assistance (ERA) application.

In 2023, British Columbia experienced unprecedented wildfires. Government and communities relied on Quartech to make real-time modifications to the ERA system to deliver fully responsive support for all evacuees in impacted areas. This helped to provide efficient and timely delivery of financial aid and support for impacted BC and First Nations communities. The Quartech team was on deck around the clock, working with government partners to ensure front line teams were empowered.

The ERA application also delivers enhanced forward planning to ensure government and communities are better prepared for wildfires and other natural disasters as they unfold.

The Evacuee Registration & Assistance (ERA) application

An online registry to keep everyone accounted for

With the ERA application’s online registry, reception centres are able to meet the needs of evacuees proactively. Evacuees can self-register online or rely on volunteers to register them, so everyone is included regardless of circumstance or access to technology. This approach allows for support to be delivered in a seamless, comprehensive, and individualized way during times of crisis.

Prompt financial support to evacuees and local businesses

Financial aid can be transferred directly into evacuees’ bank accounts, enabling faster, more flexible support—and empowering indigenous evacuees to buy goods from their preferred markets. Reimbursements are immediately transferred to local businesses, helping them stay cash-flow positive so they can focus on supporting communities in need.

Detailed reporting to better prepare for the future

The ERA application equips emergency planners with the data they need to make informed preparations for future disasters. This precise reporting not only supports planning efforts but also facilitates immediate disaster response. During the 2021 Lytton, BC wildfire, the ERA application’s detailed reports helped police conduct door-to-door checks and locate community members in distress, making sure no one was left behind.

Powered by a robust and secure tech stack

With an open-source code base that leverages OpenShift and Microsoft Dynamics, the ERA application provides a robust and secure emergency management platform that communities can rely on.

The application’s financial handling component also integrates with Interac and corporate accounting systems, with built-in reconciliation to ensure efficient use of taxpayer dollars.


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