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Transformative Technology That’s Changing the Way Government Agencies Manage Complaints

With Q-CMS, we’re leading the way in integrated Case Management Solutions, with a robust complaint handling system helping our most trusted institutions modernize.


  • Large Government Agencies


  • Human-centric design
  • Leveraging tailored cloud frameworks
  • Accelerated cross platform implementation


  • Microsoft Technology Stack (.NET/Azure)
  • Browser-based and web-responsive

Q-cms Takes Outdated and Inefficient Complaint Management Processes Into the Digital Age

Traditional complaint management means mountains of paperwork and inefficient use of time and money. Often, current systems being used are vulnerable and no longer upgradeable and scalable.

That’s the challenge we faced when we started working with a large state government agency in 2021. At the time, they urgently needed a new way of processing law enforcement complaints. In Phase 1, we deployed Q-CMS, in record time, to help move teams from paper to a secure, cloud-based electronic process. With the ability to adjudicate complaints and arrive at solutions faster, complaints actually dropped. Phase 2 of implementation automated and streamlined functionality, dramatically increasing efficiency.

With this success, the client team requested new Q-CMS modules to manage public, consumer and corporate complaints as well. Q-CMS handled everything from ingesting data from various sources and automating correspondence in the workflow, to data warehousing. The new streamlined processes essentially eliminated paper from all complaint processes.

Q-CMS is easily deployable to take on all types of complaints, including Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), an increasing need within all public, private and corporate sectors.

Backed by Technology You Can Depend on

Not only does Q-CMS automate and streamline the complaints process, it also supports modern architecture including dashboards which make viewing and understanding data easier and more efficient.

Even though it’s cloud-based, Q-CMS can be deployed on premise. And, unlike competitive solutions, with Q-CMS there are no hidden licensing costs, which can be substantial for large organizations.

Powered by a robust and secure tech stack

Q-CMS was developed using the Microsoft Technology stack (.NET Framework & Azure). Its OCR capability enables users to scan and search incoming attachments for text and keywords. It also supports emailing and messaging external users with the complaint and attachments sent as PDFs.

Q-CMS balances fully supported technology with a licensing model that’s not a burden for Government agencies

Simple. Smart. Secure.

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