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Emergency Management BC
Evacuee registry for Emergency Management B.C.

Wildfires are becoming more prevalent, and each year, thousands of citizens are being evacuated from their homes with little notice or ability to collect their belongings. The wait time for services such as housing, food, medication and clothing causes additional trauma for evacuated citizens.


Quartech was asked to design and build an Evacuee Registration Application to digitize the evacuation registration processes and modernize access to supports (food, lodging, clothing) by eliminating paper-based forms, with the goal of removing wait times. Additional project mandates included:

  • Empowering evacuees to make decisions to support their own recovery
  • Increasing financial accountability
  • Offering self-service options
  • Developing systems to collect and analyze data to facilitate informed decision making
  • Creating interoperability within BC government and community stakeholders
  • Continuous improvement to services

The solution also includes a volunteer registration process portal as well as a supplier portal for reimbursements.